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Fike Farms

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A Brief History


In 1998, Fike Farms of Hawaii was established in Keauhou-Mauka.  The original owners of Fike Farms sold all their interest in the farm to new owners in 2010.  Since then, the farm has been upgraded, planted, replanted, and the coffee has already won an award as a Top Five winner in the 2014 Kona Coffee Cultural Festival Classic Cupping Competition.  Also of note, Fike Farms coffee under the new owners has returned as one of the best Kona coffees available in the latest edition of Hawaii - The Big Island Revealed.  The new owners are dedicated to producing the most flavorful, and smooth Kona coffee you can buy.  Starting in 2016, Fike Farms of Hawaii is introducing its new label Kona Amor.  It's the same great coffee from a much improved farm!

To give you a little history, Fike Farms coffee trees are planted on an old a'a lava flow from a volcanic eruption from the Hualalai volcano.  The farm begins at a 1600 foot elevation, and ends at about the 2000 foot elevation.  At this elevation, it is cool most of the year with a beautiful afternoon mist, or rain that naturally waters the coffee trees.

If you ever wondered why the difference between "regular" and 100% Kona coffee, there are several reasons.  First off, the unique soil conditions in the Kona area give the coffee its heavenly aroma and splendid flavor.  Second, very few farms in Kona have mechanized operations.  Therefore, everything is done by hand--from planting the trees, to picking the cherries, to drying and roasting the coffee beans, and then labeled, bagged, and shipped--all of this is done by very few people who make this their life, their love, and their passion!

We know you'll want to taste the best Kona coffee there is.  Visit our coffee shop today and select either Kona Amor coffee in one pound or five pound bags, or Fike Farms of Hawaii coffee in our one-half pound bags.

A big Aloha from Hawaii,

Kona Amor (our new label)
 and Fike Farms of Hawaii